Visual Poke

We are a UK based company specialising in laser shows, large scale projections, video holograms, 3D displays, building projection mapping and illumination advertising, touring road shows for special events, advertising, film & tv, window media, interactive displays and crazy stunts!

To find out more about our services and concepts please take a look at the website. Then call or email, don’t be scared, we are nice people to talk to!

Laser Light Show & Effects

Laser Effects?for Concert Touring, Event Spectaculars, Film and TV productions all benefit from the Visual Poke approach to creative thinking and reliable technical execution.

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Image Projection Mapping

Our creative image projection mapping solutions utilise the latest technology with creative implementation to ensure you vision is realised and exceeded.

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Hologram Technology

Stage solutions with holographic projection, or Peppers Ghost illusions creating real and believable people and products, seamlessly integrated into your production or event.

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ART Installations

Custom laser installations and creative adaptation of old and new technology design to realise the creative intent of the most demanding artists and obscure thinkers!

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Content Creation

3D visualisation, hologram content and filming, laser animations, building mapping content, whatever the execution Visual Poke can provide the solution to match the unique characteristics.

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Display Technology

Visual Poke supply custom control and 3D displays in addition to the Dreamoc range of display devices. Airports, shop windows, exhibition control systems we will design the appropriate technology solution for your advertising, promotional or brand interaction needs.

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  1. Wale Bakre 11 months ago

    WOW!! Great company, great services. Please provide detailed information on all solutions and the requirements for partnership to deliver such experience in Nigeria

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