Display Technology


Display Technology

Custom Solutions

We offer custom display technology and control solutions to many of our clients in point of sale, exhibition and in store environments..We can link it all together and make the triggers work…gesture, touch, proximity, pressure pad…

Multiscreen touch interactive display configurations with custom content and image manipulation systems.

Transparent LCD touchscreens, combined with custom hologram chambers. Custom video mapping content.

Solid state playback systems, digital signage, custom builds. Discuss your unique requirement and allow us to specify your solution. We pride ourselves on finding the best possible, state of the art, technology at very competitive pricing.

Let us know your specific requirements and we will design a solution based on the most suitable current technology available.

See portfolio items for Versace


We supply the Realfiction Dreamoc range of Holographic Display and have unrivalled experience in the UK for the supply of these systems and the content solution to bring them to life!

Check out the holograms page in our case studies! Dreamoc Holographic Displays


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