Projection Mapping Building – Little Geeks

Projection Mapping Building – Little Geeks

Visual Poke have been projection mapping building on the Midlands Arts Centre. Our aim was to provide a highly entertaining 3d building projection mapping, shown at various tomes throughout the evening.

Designed for the little ones, the website states.. “We’re taking things to the next level with our mind-blowing megamix line-up, including live shows, virtual reality, gaming and workshops for little (and big) geeks.”

The projection mapping building content was a true 3d experience, with the client being bowled over by the quality of the content created.  We pride ourselves on being able to deliver an experience far beyond the budget when viewed by the public and this project lived up to those expectations.

Working with our content creators the brief was exploited to use the buildings unique characteristics to show massive depth, shadowing and extrusions. The content was set to a most spooky of soundtracks and culminated with the “skin” of the building appearing to peel from the facade.

We are very pleased with the overall result and can take away another successful projection mapping building project, delivered on time, in budget and on point!!

Fell free to contact Visual Poke with your projection mapping building project and allow us to shed some light on just what we can do to enhance your event, spectacular or corporate message.

November 21, 2018