Cersaie Esmaglass Projection Mapping

Cersaie Esmaglass Projection Mapping
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Cersaie Esmaglass Projection Mapping

The famous Cersaie exhibition in Bologna, Italy is the exhibition which centres on ceramics. It is world renowned as the exhibition where the finest ceramic makers in the world gather to show their wares and display thier artistic interpretations in the most imaginative form possible.

Visual Poke ?were tasked with creating an immersive projection mapping environment with semi-transparent walls. Where visitors can enter and visualise the textures and design association of the unique manufacturer, Esmaglass.

Utilising a 4 projector system alongside a Dataton Watchout control system the projection mapping could be seen from within the environment and also from outside. The transparency allowed the imagery to fall on display units and guests…..This brought the light projection experience into the public realm, whilst drawing the viewer into the exhibition space…enhancing their experience without detracting from the all important subject matter.

Content was developed over a period of months to best depict the styles and “feeling” of the ceramics and visualise this into a projection medium, capturing the essence of the manufacturing process and the colours and fabric of the tile.

Projected in a series of “scenes” the animation depicted droplets falling, animated stripes, paint flow, digital rain….all sympathetic to the hues and shades associated with their unique process and finished ceramics.

A success which the industry viewers interacted with and in so doing became one with the projection. They themselves being a projection canvas.

The overall technical solution was designed by Visual Poke, alongside the projection technology, crew and delivery logisttics. Visual Poke also created the content in the UK and provided the content delivery system on site and programming.

Esmaglass Projection Mapping Immersive environment.