Mirage – Custom Display Solution

Mirage – Custom Display Solution

Mirage – Custom Display Solution

Visual Poke were approached by inventors TTP (The Technology Partnership) to design a custom display solution to highlight the unique benefits of their new “Mirage” glass.

Mirage is unique as a projection surface, in that different content can simultaneously be displayed on opposing sides of the glass…for example blue animation one side, yellow animation the other side, without any noticeable “bleed” through from either side.

Visual Poke conceptualised the Mirage Custom Display Solution sculptural piece as a skeletal structure which houses 23 panes of the Mirage glass. Each pane is in a line of 2 or 3 panes, essentially in a brickwork pattern. The panes are separated by a 10mm gap and the lines of 2 or 3 then rotate at approx 1 rpm, out of sync.

Content has been designed to show off the true features of the surface, offering sometimes bold and abstract artwork which displays in facets of the glass within the piece as a whole.#

The result is an ever changing display where the viewer rarely appreciates the content as a whole, rather experiencing individual slices, sometimes combinations , when panes align over the surface of the combined glass elements.

A truly unique display solution which was developed for the E-Luminate Festival in Cambridge where the piece was displayed for 7 nights, sponsored by TTP. ?The sculpture is now safely installed at TTP’s headquarters in Melbourn, Cambs in their reception, where it can be appreciated by all who visit.

Custom Display Solution.