Image Projection


Image Projection

Image Projection, Building Mapping & Projection

We have been projecting big images for many years now. the technology to achieve this gets better and better making big pictures more achievable than ever before. And its not all about scale either…box shapes, curves, immersive domes all can be mapped with projection to exacting standards and combined with lighting to lift it all into an illuminated dynamic surface.

Large scale projection, indoor, outdoors, round corners, walls, water-screens, mountains! Seamless multi screen image environments, endless combinations of scale and format into a singular coherent image display. Media stunts of messages and logos, characters, animated graphics. Photo opportunities for the press.

Guerrilla advertising is somewhat of a speciality of ours also and we have executed some of the most famous campaigns!

Building mapping and 3D effects projection onto almost any structure or suitable building enabling complex 3D effects generation to bring the surface to life…literally. Scale and shape are irrelevant, even windows can be treated with specialist films to enable night time projection whilst maintaining daylight transmission of natural light. The imagination (and budget of course) are the only limitations in realising spectacular results on a massive variety of building and structure surfaces.

Illumination utilising combinations of video, laser and lighting solutions, we will specify the right solution, not what’s in the warehouse!



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