Video Mapping Corpus Christi

Video Mapping Corpus Christi

Video Mapping for Corpus Christi College Cambridge

Its unusual for us to get to work so close to home and a real treat! We jumped at the chance to produce a visual light show incorporating video projection mapping onto the facade of New Court at Corpus Christi College Cambridge.

New Court, completed in 1827 and designed by William Wilkins houses the entrance to the Chapel with an ornate facade and four stained glass windows.

New Court was built to symbolise the harmony between mind, body and soul, with the Parker library on the right being the mind, the Hall and kitchens on the left being the body and the Chapel in the centre being the soul.

We took to our task?to design a visual spectacular with 3D image projection, following in the event’s theme of “Canvas, a night in colour” working with the creative team to develop an eye popping explosion of colour, interacting with the buildings’ unique architecture, changing it completely with a series of stunning detailed effects and animations.

The result was a colourful, dynamic display which captured the essence of the theme and responded dramatically to the moody soundtrack which worked perfectly with the visuals.

A great night and a great team at Corpus Christi, including Mia, Tom and Ben.


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