Projection Mapping, Esso Synergy

Projection Mapping, Esso Synergy

Projection Mapping, Esso Synergy

Visual Poke provide 3D video projection mapping for Esso Synergy launch!

Taking place at Shakespeares Globe Theatre event space, the “Underglobe”, Visual Poke have exceeded all client expectations with a custom creation of video content and projection mapping.

Visual Poke came up with the initial execution concept through detailed discussion with the Agency?and whilst this changed dramatically along the creative path due to the technical constraint’s of the venue, a final approach of Projection Mapping was agreed with 4 weeks until the event date.

The legend Jeff Wayne produced a custom version of his?classic Esso soundtrack synonymous of the 80’s, injected with a new and dynamic arrangement?to bring it up to date with the feel of the the new Synergy forecourt.

The content “film” was created as a unique 3D environment and projected upon a 13m wide x 4.5m high custom constructed screen surface within the ?venue. The appearance and feel was one of infinite depth.

The content followed a journey through the history of the Esso brand, historic commercials, listed buildings and touched on iconic pumps etc from the past. All this was developed into a dynamic presentation which lasted 5 minutes and defied the space within which we worked.

3 x 20K Barco Flex projectors produced a seamless blend across the super wide screen with a total resolution of 4334 x 1200

A Dataton Watchout server provided playback of the audio and projection mapping and handled the 3 projector blend.

We are reliably informed the client was “emotionally touched” by the presentation!

Esso Synergy Video Mapping