Weymouth Laser Light Art Installation

Weymouth Laser Light Art Installation


Weymouth Laser Light Art Installation

Weymouth & Portland Borough Councils regeneration project for the esplanade in Weymouth proved very ambitious.

The laser and lighting scheme Light Veils is an artist led scheme involving 7 high powered laser systems, mounted on 16m high architectural columns, projecting laser effects across the bay.

The design was artist led by Vong Phaophanit and Claire Oboussier, both world renowned Artists in their own right and this collaborative work is centred around the Laser Effects projected.

Architects, Parsons Brinkerhoff championed the scheme.

Following a long selection process, which started some 16 months prior to installation, during which a number of on site tests to ascertain the suitability of the display, the Laser powers necessary, the colour of Laser Light best suited and the effectiveness of differing programming solutions to satisfy the artistic intent of the artist’s, whilst satisfying the councils requirement for a dynamic Laser Light Sculpture which would enhance the bay.

The installation also had to allay local fears of losing the town’s iconic “Pea Lights” decorating the various Victorian structures and bus shelters which had been prevalent for many many years. This was not an easy transformation of the minds for many local and feelings were mixed at first as to how this new and exciting prospect could be a direct replacement for such a traditional solution.

However once the Laser Lighting installation was completed and following a 6 month period of reflective “honeymoon” with the local populace it was embraced as a success and continues now to draw interest and visitors keen to experience the unique Laser Light installation on Weymouth Bay.

Consultation with the NRPB and marine Safety to satisfy all concerned that the Laser Light installation could be exacted to a specific set of safety guidelines, ensuring public and maritime safety whilst being in essence a totally unmanned, automated display solution.

DMX triggers are sent wirelessly to each individual column where Laser Light effects are triggered locally by on board control systems.

7 laser systems, custom designed and manufactured to IP67 rating.

We custom designed the laser systems, installed them on site, programmed the projection sequences and provide ongoing service contract and annual evaluations.