Clifton Bridge Troll Video Projection Mapping

Clifton Bridge Troll Video Projection Mapping

Clifton Bridge Troll Video Projection Mapping

Our good friends at Taxi Studio decided on a clever Video Projection Mapping stunt, to have a Troll breaking out of the Clifton Bridge on Halloween whist the cleaning crew were at work.

As time was sort and permission unlikely we decided to take the guerrilla approach to this particular bit of video mapping, following a site survey of the possible projection positions.

And so it was, we rocked up in our van with generator and a stack of high powered video projectors and some brave blokes.

See for yourself how well this stunt worked out on the video link below!

Whilst guerrilla projection is exciting and a means to getting your message across in the most unlikely places, its not always the easiest thing to achieve…there are no guarantees with this form of Video Projection Mapping or simpler Building Projection, when your target building and the associated projection position you so diligently surveyed is now surrounded by road works, buses or stationary vehicles!

What to look for when contemplating a guerrilla campaign of this type? Firstly, where do you want to see your picture, video, strap-line appear…then decide, is it a sensitive building? If so they can be very tricky… The police take a dim view of us opening a van door and pointing a long projection lens at a sensitive location…it can be misconstrued.. and that can have lasting affects on the crew on site!! So be realistic about where you want your content appearing….

Not the case on this exciting execution and with the amount of time spent in animating the content by the very clever crew at Play Nicely it was a well deserved success.

Video Projection Mapping and Building Projection success at Clifton Bridge!

Clifton Bridge Troll projection mapping