Orange Monkey Video Hologram Tour

Orange Monkey Video Hologram Tour


Orange Monkey Video Hologram Tour

A shopping centre tour with Video Holograms of the lovely Pixie Lott!

Design a touring Video Hologram road-show system, that can roll in overnight from a single 7.5 tonne truck.

Did i mention the delectable Pixie Lott was the chief Hologram? Ok, good..

A tour of the big UK shopping centres, Bluewater, Bullring, Trafford Centre, Westfield etc etc. The key was designing a rig that could fit in a 7m x 5m footprint and have audience no further than 2m away.

We did it and the public got to enjoy Pixie, N Dubz, Daffy and a host of dancers, all treated to the Video Hologram experience with digital graphic accompaniment.

We employed the classic “Peppers Ghost” Video Hologram solution, utilising full HD Christie projectors at 20,000 lumen’s to stand up against the high ambient light conditions typical of shopping centres. Constructed from a Trilite truss framework we had custom drapes and manufactured and built scenic flats to act as the internal blackout walls and backdrop. ?The video hologram technology Full size video hologram of the stars were then viewable by 100’s at a time, sometimes 6-8 deep!

We advised on the digital content production and filming techniques and provided the complete Video Hologram technology road-show solution, with video projection, lighting, sound, set, stage, drapes and screens, crew, transport and logistics.

The whole video hologram tour proved to be a massive experiential success for Orange in the promotion of their Monkey mobile tariffs and the social media response was massive!

Great experience!