Acer Hologram Projection and Mapping Solution

Acer Hologram Projection and Mapping Solution

Acer Hologram Projection, Control and Projection?Solution

Tasked as the technology supplier to Pico Concept for the installation of the Acer Pavillion at the 2012 Olympic village.

Acer who provided vast amounts of display and computing technology for the games also showcased many of their state of the art technology solutions in the Acer Pavillion. This was visited daily by thousands of public attending the games and enjoying the external activities which high level sponsors had laid on to enhance the visitor experience.

A Custom Hologram projection solution for the Hollusion Theatre, with a life sized Acer man interacting with CGI content, back wall projection and a real life performer on-stage switching places with a virtual character. This hologram solution was custom designed for the space in the form of a mini theatre, which included a trap door entrance for the live performers.

In addition to the Hologram Projection we supplied the control system for the automated LED screen and shutter system which dominated the exterior of the building and could form many different shapes and screen orientations. This was controlled largely via a Dataton Watchout system which could not only treat the screen as a whole or as many smaller screens. At the same time the shutter system was simultaneously controlled to adapt to the changing visual environment.

Internally we supplied the game mapping solution, networked hundreds of media players and computer systems and a a virtual mirror system experience.