Interactive Floor System

Interactive Floor System

Interactive Floor System

Cheshire Oaks have a huge Christmas Tree…its 100 feet tall in fact.

The custom designed tree, installed annually by Springfield Decorations is a stunning structure which attracts its own visitors each year as an experience in itself. This is the only walk through Christmas tree in Europe and has a unique construction.

Situated in the car park of Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, adjacent to the Xmas market, the tree is really something special, inside and out.

We installed a dual projection interactive floor system, to add to the experience of walking through the tree, where customers like to have their photos taken looking up inside the mammoth structure.

A series of interactive “looks” change repeatedly during the day, from a winter snow scene, to skating penguins, xmas puds and footprints in the snow.

The installation is active through to the New Year.

Cheshire Oaks Floor system