Lexus – Building Projection on the move!

Lexus – Building Projection on the move!


Lexus – Building Projection on the move!

This unique Building Projection Lexus car shoot was designed to race the Lexus GS car with a projected cheetah, to accentuate the handling and driver experience of the vehicle.

The agency managed to source a heap of clips of the cheetah running in different scenarios and edited the Savanah backdrop from them. We then projected the clips to fit the scenario onto various buildings, structures, cars and even a cloud of dust!

Some of this was performed whilst the projector and projectionist were strapped to a shot maker vehicle travelling at speeds up to 60pmh, through the deserted streets of Bucharest and inside one of Nicolae Ceausescu’s old armaments factories.

Certainly a unique experience and form of Building Projection, never before seen. Visual Poke founder Gino Malocca took to the roof of the shotmaker, harnessed on, with a specially adapted projection table, custom constructed by the local Film Grip…a quiet man of great talent…the table allowed the projector to be swivelled left to right and panned up and down  quickly and easily with a 20k Christie Projector ratchet strapped on top.

This is not the sort of stunt easily executed in European cities, its unthinkable that London would ever be quiet enough for this type of activity..however the location was well chosen and allowed for quiet streets from midnight through to 5am in the morning…bleary eyed and physically exhausted we would stumble back to our hotel.

Exciting times!

Lexus Cheetah TV commercial

April 5, 2015