Sony Blu-Ray Laser Effects

Sony Blu-Ray Laser Effects


Sony Blu-Ray Laser Effects

The launch of Sony revolutionary Blu-Ray format demanded a film centred on the key component Laser Effects technology.

Directed by Brett Foraker for RSA Films, the film was largely to be lit using laser effects light. Not a simple solution, but a grand challenge indeed!

Ram Malocca devised a laser effects optical solution utilising line optics and diffraction gratings which allowed us to paint? huge areas of set and performers with blue laser light effects. The technique we named the “Giles Effect”? in homage to photographer Giles Revell who pioneered a single line technique in his work on still life subject in a painstaking manner of each individual line being moved and shot.

We?supplied 28 lasers sourced from 4 different laser companies across Europe, with 7 technicians, speaking 4 different languages.

The film was shot largely in an industrial cooling tower outside Budapest in a dirty, noisy, dark horrible space the size of 10 football pitches..perfect for the shoot!

Over 100 pairs of safety glasses were supplied for crew, actors, extra’s to use as they saw fit, with recommended times and safe areas.

Laser designer Gino Malocca worked closely with Director Brett Foraker and DP Daniel Landin to realise a series of custom laser effects from “forest of beams” to multi-layered sheets for cars to fall through!

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April 5, 2015