Pepsodent Hollusion Video Hologram

Pepsodent Hollusion Video Hologram

Pepsodent Video Hologram

Video Hologram experience, design and application for this very popular exhibition stand experience in New Delhi.

This proved to be the most popular aspect of the exhibition and was a true crowd puller.

We employed the classic “Peppers Ghost” solution, adapted in the unique Visual Poke way to create a very believable Video Hologram Solution that encompasses a virtual presenter and virtual 3D content in a light box scenario with full scale and up close viewing achieved with Panasonic HD projection. Visual Poke designed a solution for local construction, saving the client time and money on UK manufacture and shipping costs.

Design of the Video Hologram technical solution for this project, adapted to the clients limited available space on the stand was another unique challenge.

Our client supplied some fantastic content which really worked the Video Hologram illusion to its best with a real sense of 3D from the graphics and perfectly lit presenter when filmed. The combination of the two elements gives a fantastic feel of depth to the whole experience and the sense of flow and movement was palpable in the audience reaction.

Lighting, Camera positions, Staging are all?critical in realising an effective video hologram experience and the pre-production elements set the stage for an ?successful final execution.

Visual Poke offer advise and guidance on content creation for all Video Holograms, if our clients wish to produce their own content.

In addition we supply high quality content from a team of talented creators, specialising in this field. We can put the right animator, lighting cameraman, sound engineer in place from a pool of creative talent and pull together the right team for your project.