Tiger for Tea Video Hologram solution in a shop window

Tiger for Tea Video Hologram solution in a shop window

Tiger For Tea

Tiger for Tea Video Hologram solution

When our friends at Taxi Studio said they wanted to put a Video Hologram solution of a Tiger in a shop window we were intrigued..and a little scared..

The shop window in question? Wittards of Chelsea in the Lowry Centre, Manchester. We are talking a busy, highly lit shopping centre with lights everywhere! The enemy of Video Holograms and illusionary effects…this was to be a tough execution…

So we set about designing a video hologram solution that we could shoe-horn into the window space (and some of the shop) and have it up and running for a 9am opening.

Much head scratching and measurements were taken and re-taken and more head scratching, but in the end we designed the solution to fit and run for a week unmanned.

The public loved it, the shop enjoyed increased footfall and Taxi Studio won yet another award!

Video hologram solutions are all about hiding the trick and with a shop window you can walk right up to, this presented a unique set of challenges. This particular type of execution which we employed uses the Peppers Ghost method, but in a different orientation, utilising the screens brightness and resolution to make the Video Hologram brighter and more contrasted too fight the ambient lighting conditions. Additionally the set builders, highly talented bunch, agreed to make some specific elements for us to help transform the 6 portrait HD screens into a Tiger’s Cage and make the whole Video Hologram “gag” work in a much more believable way..

Success was a dish best served with Zebra…(watch the video)

Tiger for Tea Hologram